Clinical Characteristics of 6 Covid-19 Neonatal Cases in China

Patient/CityAgeClinical PresentationsaMother SARS-CoV-2RNA Resulthest Radiograph/CT ScanPharyngeal/Rectal Swab for SARS-CoV-2GestationOutcome
1/Wuhanb,c30 hPoor feeding, fever, vomiting+−/−+/−TermFull recovery
2/Wuhanb18 dVomiting, lethargy−(with typical clinical and CT findings)−/−+/−TermFull recovery
3/Wuhanb12 dSneezing (mild), vomiting, diarrhea+−/nonspecific lung markings+/+TermFull recovery
4/Wuhanb3 dFever, lethargy+−/nonspecific lung markings+/−TermFull recovery
5/Wuhanb36 hPoor feeding, lethargy+Pneumonia/GGO+/−TermFull recovery
6/Xinyangd5 dFever+−/not done+/not doneTermFull recovery
  • CT=computed tomography; GGO=ground glass opacity; plus (+) sign=positive; minus (−) sign=negative.

  • a None of the patients required intubation.

  • b From Xiaoyuan et al. (9)

  • c From Wang et al. (10)

  • d From news media of hospital report.